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Paid Family Leave Program ("PFL")

In April 2016, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law a comprehensive paid family leave program ("PFL") for the employees of New York State. On May 31, the New York Department of Financial Services ("NYDFS") issued final regulations, which you can find here. On July 19, the final Paid Family Leave regulations were published by the Workers Compensation Board. You can find them here. Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York ("Standard Security") is thoroughly reviewing the regulations and working proactively to ensure that all of our existing DBL policyholders are updated on PFL. Below is a brief outline of important information relating to PFL.

Rate: The program will be fully funded through employee contributions. PFL will be community rated and the rate and maximum employee contribution, as dictated by the NYDFS, is 0.126% of an employee’s weekly wage up to and not to exceed the statewide average weekly wage. The statewide average weekly wage as of July 1, 2017 is $1,305.92

Employers were allowed to begin making these deductions beginning July 1, 2017.

Effective: Beginning January 1, 2018, covered employers will be required to provide eligible full and part-time employees paid family leave coverage. As noted below, the amount of leave and payment percentages will be phased in. The PFL coverage will be included under the NY Disability Benefits Law policy (NY DBL). All carriers that write NY DBL will be required to write PFL. Once the WCB releases the necessary PFL forms, Standard Security will provide to its existing DBL policyholders.

Who is covered?: Virtually all employees of private employers, both full and part-time will be eligible to file, if needed. An employee must be employed full-time (20+ hours per week) for 26 weeks or part-time (less than 20 hours per week) for 175 days to be eligible for the PFL benefit.

What is covered?: Bonding with a newborn, a foster child or newly adopted child are eligible events for both parents. Additionally, caring for a close relative with a serious medical condition and relieving family pressures when a family member is called to active military service are covered under PFL.

Benefit: Paid Family Leave is designed to phase in over four years, starting January 1, 2018.

Year Weeks Available % of Employee Salary Up to a Maximum
% of State
Average Weekly Wage*
1/1/2018 8 50% 50%
1/1/2019 10 55% 55%
1/1/2020 10 60% 60%
1/1/2021 12 67% 67%

*NYS average weekly wage is $1,305.92, effective 7/1/2017.