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Top Claimant FAQs

  • How do I file a Disability Benefits Law ("DBL") claim?

    If your disability begins while you are working, or within four weeks of your last day worked, you should file a completed DB450 claim form within 30 days of your disability date.

    PART A is the Claimant's Statement and is for you to fully complete and sign.

    PART B is the Health Care Provider's Statement. You must have your health care provider fully complete this section which certifies that you are unable to work because of your disability.

    PART C is the Employer's Statement. Your employer must fully complete Part C of the claim form providing your wage and employment information.

    Once all sections are complete you or your employer can submit the claim to us by:

    EMAIL: FAX: MAIL: 585-398-2854 Standard Security Life Ins. Co of NY
    P.O. Box 25339
    Farmington, N.Y. 14425

    If your disability occurs more than four weeks after your last day of work, and you are receiving NYS Unemployment Benefits you must file a completed DB-300 ( claim form with the Workers' Compensation Board.

    Mail the completed form to:
    Workers' Compensation Board
    Disability Benefits Bureau
    328 State Street
    Schenectady, NY 12305

  • What is the maximum weekly benefit for DBL claims?

    The current DBL maximum weekly benefit is $170.00. Your rate is calculated by averaging the eight weeks gross salary prior to the last day you work before going out on disability. If 50% of this gross weekly rate is $340.00 or above, you will make the maximum of $170.00 a week.

    Example 1: Sum of 8 weeks: $4000.00
    Average weekly wage: $500.00
    50% of average weekly wage: $250.00
    Current DBL maximum: $170.00 The rate will be $170.00


    Example 2: Sum of 8 weeks: $1952.30
    Average weekly wage: $244.04
    50% of average weekly wage: $122.02
    Current DBL maximum: $170.00 The rate will be $122.02

    *Your employer may have an enriched policy which may allow for a higher weekly benefit rate.

  • Are any taxes taken out of my DBL check?

    Yes, FICA (which includes Social Security and Medicare) tax is deducted from your DBL check.

  • I just sent in my claim, how long before you process it?

    We review all claims within four business days of receipt. We will request further information, approve or reject the claim within that time frame.

  • My first day of disability was 03-01-2017, why did my first check start paying me from 03-08-2017?

    Benefits begin on the 8th day of disability unless your employer has an enriched benefit allowing for payment to occur sooner.

  • I am going to be out longer than anticipated, how do I extend my claim?

    Have your health care provider fax or email us documentation indicating the extended return to work date, medical reason for your extension and include supporting medical records showing complications and course of treatment. Upon receipt of this information, we will evaluate your claim for further benefits. The maximum leave duration is 26 weeks within a 52 week period.

  • How often do supplemental medical reports have to be completed?

    Reports can be requested at any time during your claim but not more often than every two weeks. There is no set schedule for reports; every claim is handled on a case by case basis. When requested, the reports do have to be completed by you and your health care provider for us to evaluate your claim for further benefits.

  • Can I work from home or work part time while on DBL?

    No, you cannot perform any kind of work for wage or profit.

  • I have more than one job; can I work for one and collect DBL from the other?

    No, you cannot perform any kind of work for wage or profit.

  • I have more than one job, why do you need my employment/wage information from my other job?

    We must coordinate benefits no matter how many jobs you have. Between all jobs, you cannot collect more than the current NYS maximum weekly benefit of $170 unless your employer has an enriched policy.

  • Can I collect more than 26 weeks if I am still disabled?

    You can only collect 26 weeks of benefits within a 52 week period. There is no extension of DBL benefits beyond 26 weeks.

  • My claim was denied and I filed for a review with the Workers' Compensation Board, what is the status of my review?

    You must contact the WCB at 1-800-353-3092 to request the status of your review; we do not have access to that information.

  • Will I get a W2 from you at the end of the year?

    You will not receive any tax information directly from Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York. DBL benefits are required to be reported on a W2 form. That form will be provided by your employer. If your employer requested W2 service we will forward the form to them for distribution.

  • What is your best advice for submitting a claim so I find out the status of my claim as soon as possible?
    1. Answer all questions on Part A of the DB450 claim form. Missing or incomplete information may delay the processing of your claim.
    2. Your form cannot be completed prior to the date of your disability. If the form is pre-dated, your claim may be delayed or denied.
    3. Make sure to keep a copy of your claim form in case it is not received by us.
    4. Follow up with us to confirm we have received the claim. Do not assume your employer has submitted the claim on your behalf. If you email the claim to us at during normal business hours, you will receive a confirmation within an hour of receipt. Normal business hours are 8:30-4:30 M-F except holidays. If you do not receive confirmation by return email, contact our office at 800-477-0087.