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  • Pay Online
    Pay bill electronically either with a credit card or an eCheck for any of your policyholders.
  • Submit a DBL application
    Submit paperless application and receive confirmation and policy number instantly via email.
  • View Online Payment History
    See your payment history for all policies.
  • Request Duplicate Kit & Forms
    Request individual forms or a full kit for a specific policyholder.
  • Download Notice of Compliance (Form DB 120)
    View, print and/or email your policyholder's current posting notice.
  • Inforce Business
    Generate a list of all in-force DBL policies, including annual premium information.
  • Commission Statements
    View commission statements.
  • Policy and Premium Payment Information
    Review current policy data and/or premium payment history.
  • Get a Quote
    Obtain premium quote for groups of (1) - (49) lives.
  • Generate Duplicate Bill
    Print a copy of a policyholder's most recent premium notice.
  • Forms Download
    Print a variety of Standard Security DBL Forms, including application and Claim Form (DB-450).
  • Generate 120.1 Form
    Immediately print and/or email a completed and signed 120.1 (Certificate of Insurance) Form
  • Submit a New Jersey TDB application
    Use this option to be transferred to our NJ TDB site and submit new business